Pacific Northwest Wood Artisans

Giving New Life to Forgotten Wood

Pacific Northwest Wood Artisans (PNWA) are a group of people who have joined
together to share ideas and to promote their interest and love of woodworking.

Wood Artisans, are defined as:

“Those who use wood as a common medium in a form of artistic expression.”

Members include, but are not limited to:
Carvers, Driftwood, Turners, Intarsia, Pyrography, Gourdes, and Chain Saw Artists.

The PNWA has a meeting the 2nd Thursday of each month (under MEETINGS above).
A short administrative meeting is conducted allowing ample time to work on projects and exchange ideas.
There may also be demonstrations by members, featured wood artists, as well as guest speakers.

There is a workshop each Tuesday (under MEETINGS above).
Members work on projects, get input from other artists and learn about a variety of wood art forms.

PNWA provides opportunities to create, learn, share skills and
socialize with other people who love to work with wood and other medium.
Come create with us!

Membership Form 2018

We do have three rules that must be obeyed.

  Rule 1. Have Fun!

Rule 2. Be Safe!

Rule 3. Any problems refer to rule 1.

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