The Pacific Northwest Wood Artisans

– Creating with Wood –

The Pacific Northwest Wood Artisans (PNWA) is a group of people who have joined together to share ideas and to promote their interest and love of woodworking.

PNWA is a nonprofit organization registered in the State of Washington.

Wood Artisans are defined as:
‘Those who use wood as a common medium in a form of artistic expression’

Our Goals:
To promote the membership in their skills and knowledge of their work.
To provide members an opportunity to exhibit their work.

Beginners have the benefit of the many crafters and their knowledge.
They are willing to help you with information and skills.

You can participate as much as you want; the club has regular and special meetings for your benefit.

PNWA Meetings!

Members include but are not limited to:
Carvers, Driftwood Artists, Turners, Intarsia Artists, Pyrography Artists,

Furniture Makers, Gourd Artists, and Chain Saw Artists.

We do have three rules that must be obeyed:

  Rule 1. Have Fun!

Rule 2. Be Safe!

                                   Rule 3. Any questions, refer to rule 1.

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