Good morning fellow wood artisans!  The weather has been getting a little hinky lately and for some of us, that means we don’t have to make excuses to stay inside and make sawdust and wood chips.  Mother nature provides the cold, the ice, and the snow that legitimizes our staying home in the shop.  It also means that we are approaching the last monthly meeting of the year for the PNWA club.  So Thursday, November 11 at the Gordon Day barn at 11 am will be our last official meeting of the year.  I hope you can join us. 

After that, we WILL NOT meet during December and January – – our tentative return to action will be for a monthly meeting on Thursday, February 10, same time, same place.  In the interim, I hope you will remain productive.  If you run into technical problems, most of our members will welcome an opportunity to help you out.  Phone numbers and email addresses appear on the member list.  And to showcase the good things you have done, Al Popowski would love to publish your photos on the website.

Recently, I alerted you all to the fact that the club (PNWA) would “go dark” during December and January but that we would be trying to continue some informal carving sessions on Tuesday afternoons, weather permitting.

The news is even better than that!  Gordon Day tells us that he is planning to keep the barn warm and to continue the Tuesday afternoon informal carving get-togethers every week during the “dark period” unless, for some reason, one must be canceled.  So, you can assume that we will be getting together every Tuesday from 12 Noon to 3 pm unless you hear otherwise and/or the snow lies deep and quiet on the ground. 

We will keep everybody posted via email.

We hope to see you there.  We wish you a very happy holiday season.

Sincerely, Bob Caldwell

PNWA Secretary

Happy Holidays