Meet: Gordon Day

Gordon – Couldn’t Resist

Gordon with NOT Carved Fish Alaska

Gordon – King in his Court









Gordon Day is the only person I have ever known to grown up in an orphanage. He was a little guy when he went there and was close to 8 years old before he even knew he had a brother at the same orphanage! At the ripe old age of 12 years old, the kind Day family adopted him and eventually his brother joined him there. Even though he was raised in an orphanage, through hard work and perseverance, he became an accomplished & respected person in his field as well as a skilled carver/artist (I’ll not elaborate on the other specialties such as, chef work, trumpet playing and more) .

He began his career with the Kern County Sheriff’s Department and retired as a Sheriff’s Detective. He loved drawing and painting and figured to do that when he and Donna traveled. The only problem was that Donna (Gordon’s darling wife) did not want to smell paints in the trailer. This is when he began carving and decided he loved it. He pursued an apprenticeship with Dale Lane for five hours a day for three years. He also took classes with Jim Sprankle (wildlife artist) in Florida, Floyd Scholz (Vermont Raptor Academy) and Vern Jones in Washington. He eventually attended Judging School for carving and became a judge with the Pacific Northwest Council. This evolved into teaching others interested in judging and creating judging templates for use during events. These templates continue to be used today. He also designed guidelines for carvers to work their way through each level of carving.

His knowledge has been honed (an ideal term for a carver) over the years and adapted to suit his style. He continues to carve and enjoys promoting Pacific Northwest Wood Artisans. As a relatively new carver participating in the Tuesday carving sessions, Gordon has generously assisted me and others in our group to learn the proper way to carve. If you pay attention and carve the way Gordon shows you, cutting yourself is not an option! You cannot measure Gordon’s generosity to the club and its members. Without him (and the other tireless volunteers), there really would not be a PNWA. Thank you, Gordon!